Hello world

There are three things we strive for: family (please read it with southern Italy accent), good food and the preservation of our planet. We are clear as the water of our seas and active as its majesty Etna, and with this energy we dream of carrying forward a shared value.

Well.. What is a B-Corp?

It means that we are committed to ensuring a positive impact on our employees, society and the environment, walking hand in hand with ethics, sustainability and well-being.

Restaurants against hunger: 100 thousand euro have been collected for projects in Italy and in the world

The SuperSolidali Restaurants of the Campaign that took place from 16 October to 31 December 2022. These are the 49 local, out of a total of 133 members, who stood out for their generosity and the energy with which they joined this initiative, raising a figure of 61,000 euros out of a total of 100,000 euros.
Caciara in the period of the campaign has far exceeded the goal set, collecting over 6,000 euros.

A Cantata dinner with Nina Zillli and Le Donatella

Sunday, October 15 the Caciara Restaurant in Milan hosted the event organized by Rise Together Foundation, a sung dinner to support a new project of the Foundation.
Special guests will be Giulia and Silvia Provvedi, famous duo known by the stage name of “Le Donatella”. Together with them another great singer of the Italian music scene: Nina Zilli.

Over 4,000 euros were raised.